We are looking for another member of the team, who will be working in a Marketing Apprentice role - this is a varied role, and we don't just like doing digital marketing, so you'll be working on campaigns that involve direct mail and in-person events.

We have the usual boring Job Description that lists what we need and the sort of person you are, but we try not to follow the norm here too much and having the ‘right fit’ of person is as important to us and our clients, as it is your marketing capabilities.  

These things require zero talent and cannot be taught by us…

Being on Time
An excellent work ethic
Body Language

Ambition to Learn
Being Coachable
Doing Extra
Being Prepared
Team Driven

If you are that kind of person, then you're halfway there!

Now we just need to see if you have some or all the skills we need.

What we need from you...

As an apprentice, your passion and willingness to learn quickly are most important. You may not have taken a direct marketing course, but this apprenticeship, along with some amazing marketing industry training you'll be given in-house will help you succeed.

We surround ourselves with the latest ideas and techniques available to make sure we stay a bit different and have an edge in our market. We need someone who doesn't fit the traditional marketing mould and who thinks differently, so we can stand out in what is seen by many as a boring business sector. 



So, what’s it like to work here? 

Well, we keep finding nerf gun bullets in the most random of places around the office and our office gadget collection is growing, so we like to have fun, but we also work very hard – there is a poster on the office wall which is a Churchill quote: ‘Sometimes it’s not enough to do our best, we must do what’s required’ and that sums up our work ethic.

We are a small team who work hard to help our clients and each other to deliver exceptional service, we’ve even won awards for it. We’re ambitious and looking for the right people to bring on the journey with us in our next steps.

Although we can work anywhere in the world, we do want someone who will be able to be in the office as company culture, learning and the office atmosphere is important to all of us. We generally work an 08:30 to 17:30 day.

We are not against remote working, but it certainly wouldn't be fully remote because nerf bullets don’t travel so well down web cams, and the team we have is really friendly, which allows us to have that cheeky Nandos, office vibe, and the good coffee that is missing at home. 

What do you get from us?


Company Pension


Private Healthcare (With Vitality, so there are rewards for being healthy too!)


Mobile Phone (iOS or Android?)


Laptop (a nice spec one!)


28 Days Holiday (Inc Bank Holidays)


Paid for / Study time for certifications relevant to the business.

What will you get paid? Depending on your skills, experience and certifications, let us know what you’d expect? You can just send us a CV to the address below, or you could try and stand out from the crowd in applying for this position, the choice is yours.