IT Systems have always depended on internet connectivity, and with cloud hosted services becoming the standard for most new systems, your internet connection is more important than ever before. Telephones, Emails, Orders, Purchasing, Accounting, CRM systems – just a handful of the systems that will stop working if your internet does.

It’s not just about having a reliable and fast connection, but what about your backup plan for when it fails? Do you have a continuity plan in place?

Southern IT Networks are an independent telecoms and internet connectivity provider to businesses in the Sussex area and beyond.

We provide the whole range of internet connectivity to clients, from satellite broadband for rural locations to Fibre Ethernet connections with the highest SLA's - whatever your requirement, we can help you. Reach out to our experts today to find out how we can help keep you connected.

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Backup Plan

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Can your business recover from Disaster?

Do you have a backup? is it sufficient? when did you last review it, or test it?

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