Cyber Security Managed Services 

Cyber threats are a constant concern for businesses of all sizes in Sussex, making managed cyber security an essential investment for every organisation. A single cyberattack can disrupt operations, damage your reputation, and result in significant financial losses. Managing cyber security in-house can be a complex and resource-intensive task. Many businesses lack the expertise and tools to effectively identify and mitigate cyber risks.  

That's where Southern IT comes in. We offer comprehensive cyber security managed services, providing a cost-effective solution to protect your business data and IT infrastructure. This includes a Cyber Essentials certification and Cyber Essentials Plus. 

Southern IT Networks are one of only a handful of Certification Bodies in the Sussex Region that can certify you to the Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governance standards.

Benefits of Cyber Security Managed Services 

Cyber security managed services are vital for any modern business looking to protect itself from human error, natural disasters and malicious actors. When you choose Southern IT for your managed cyber security services, you’ll benefit from: 

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24/7 Threat Monitoring:
Continuous monitoring and threat detection safeguard your systems around the clock, ensuring you stay ahead of potential attacks.

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Rapid Incident Response and Mitigation:
Our team is on high alert to swiftly contain and neutralise threats, minimising damage and downtime.

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Maintain Regulatory Compliance and Data Integrity:
We help you navigate complex compliance requirements and safeguard sensitive data to avoid costly penalties.

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Tailored Security Strategies for Your Unique Needs:
We understand that every business has unique security needs. We'll customise a plan that fits your organisation and budget.

Managed Cyber Security Services at Southern IT

At Southern IT, we offer a wide range of cyber security managed services, including: 

Vulnerability Assessments:

We proactively identify weaknesses in your systems before attackers exploit them, minimising your risk of a data breach. 

Network Security Monitoring:

Our 24/7 watch keeps your network protected, detecting and responding to suspicious activity in real-time. 

Endpoint Protection:

We safeguard your devices, including laptops, desktops and mobile phones, from malware and other online threats. 

Incident Response and Recovery:

In the event of an attack, our team will quickly contain the damage, minimise downtime and get you back up and running. 

Cyber Essentials Certification & Cyber Essentials Plus:

We guide you through achieving this government-backed accreditation, demonstrating your commitment to cybersecurity best practices and potentially lowering your insurance premiums. 

“Cannot praise these guys enough - super responsive and always willing to go the extra mile to deliver superb service. We had been customers of another IT support service for many years but the difference between the two is immense. Been with Southern IT now for many years and they deliver 100% - always.”

Tina Young


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Frequently Asked Questions

Do your managed security services help achieve Cyber Essentials Plus certification?
Absolutely! We can assist with implementing the Cyber Essentials controls and guide you through the technical verification process for achieving Cyber Essentials Plus. 
I'm overwhelmed by cyber security management. Can you help?
Yes, that's exactly what our cyber security managed services are for! We take care of ongoing security monitoring, threat detection and incident response, freeing you to focus on running your business. 
What's the difference between in-house IT and managed cyber security services?
In-house IT may not have the resources or expertise for comprehensive security. Our managed services provide continuous monitoring, 24/7 threat detection and proactive vulnerability management, exceeding the capabilities of most internal teams. 
Can I customise your managed cyber security services based on my needs?
Of course! We offer a variety of services to address your specific security concerns. We'll work with you to create a tailored plan that includes elements like vulnerability assessments, endpoint protection and incident response, ensuring your unique needs are met. 
I'm interested in learning more about cyber security best practices. Do you offer resources like a Cyber Essentials checklist?
We understand the importance of staying informed. We can provide resources like a Cyber Essentials checklist and other educational materials to help you understand best practices and the benefits of a strong security posture. We're also happy to answer any questions you may have about cyber security management.