What is a Cyber Essentials Certification?

The Cyber Essentials Certification is a UK government-backed program designed to help businesses of all sizes significantly reduce the risk of cyberattacks. This internationally recognised scheme assesses your company’s cybersecurity practices against five core controls: 

Firewalls and boundary controls: 

Cyber Essentials ensures your network is protected by robust firewalls that act as a barrier against unauthorised access, protecting your valuable business data.

Secure configuration of devices and software:

Cyber Essentials emphasises the importance of keeping devices and software applications up to date with the latest security patches, minimising vulnerabilities that attackers could exploit.

Control of access to systems and data: 

Cyber Essentials promotes the implementation of a system for managing access to sensitive information. This includes implementing strong password policies and granting access only to authorised users.. 

Administrative password controls:

Strict controls are placed on administrative accounts, which have a higher level of access to critical systems. Cyber Essentials emphasises the importance of using strong passwords for these accounts and implementing additional security measures like multi-factor authentication. 

Patch management: 

Software vulnerabilities are a common entry point for cyberattacks. Cyber Essentials highlights the importance of a systematic approach to patching vulnerabilities in operating systems, applications and firmware to reduce security risks.

Cyber Essentials Plus

While the core Cyber Essentials certification provides a strong foundation for cybersecurity, some businesses need more comprehensive protection. Cyber Essentials Plus builds on the core controls by offering an additional technical audit of your systems. This audit, conducted by a qualified assessor, verifies that the controls outlined in the scheme are not only implemented, but also effectively configured and functioning as intended. Earning Cyber Essentials Plus certification demonstrates a higher level of commitment to cybersecurity and can be particularly valuable for businesses in sensitive industries or those handling highly confidential data. 

By achieving Cyber Essentials certification, standard or plus, you can prove your commitment to data security. Potential clients and partners are increasingly looking to work with businesses that prioritise cybersecurity, and Cyber Essentials certification serves as proof of your commitment to data protection


Why Choose Southern IT for Cyber Essentials Certification?

Southern IT stands out as the ideal partner for your Cyber Essentials certification journey. Here's why: 

Unmatched Expertise:

We're one of the few Certification Bodies in Sussex authorised to award Cyber Essentials, Cyber Essentials Plus and IASME Governance certifications.  

Easy Certification Process: 

Our team of certified cybersecurity specialists guide you through each step of the process.

Ongoing Support:

Our commitment doesn't end with certification. We offer ongoing support to maintain your secure environment and ensure compliance in the future. 

Proven Track Record:  

We have a successful history of helping businesses in Sussex and beyond achieve their cybersecurity goals. We use this experience to identify the optimal level of security accreditation for your business and ensure successful completion of the assessment and certification process.

Tailored Security Solutions: 

We go beyond basic certification assistance. Southern IT offers comprehensive managed cybersecurity services, including security audits, penetration testing and vulnerability assessments. 

Ready to improve your cyber security and gain a competitive edge with Cyber Essentials certification? Contact Southern IT today for a free consultation!  

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  • Faiza Shafeek

    Carrot Events

    Faiza Shafeek

    “The whole team at Southern IT have been nothing short of amazing. I can’t thank you guys enough for what you’ve done to enable us to continue working from home, it’s been so easy with the way we are now setup. When we need you, nothing is too much trouble and the response time is excellent.

    Many thanks!”

  • Madeleine Priestley

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    Madeleine Priestley

    “It would be my pleasure to say how happy we are/I am with the service received
    from Southern IT.

    Your response is always super quick and proactive – which is a great support when working alone at home. Plus with how technologically challenged I am, the peace of mind that I can rely on you all, is amazing.

    Thank you.“

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Frequently Asked Questions

What does Cyber Essentials certification involve?
Cyber Essentials certification assesses your business's cybersecurity against five core controls: firewalls, secure device configuration, access control, password management, and patch management. By implementing these controls, you significantly reduce the risk of common cyberattacks. 
Do I need Cyber Essentials Plus?
While Cyber Essentials provides a strong foundation, Cyber Essentials Plus offers an additional technical audit. This can be valuable for businesses in sensitive industries or those handling highly confidential data. 
How long does the Cyber Essentials certification process take?
The timeframe depends on your current security setup and readiness. Southern IT can help you streamline the process. 
What are the benefits of working with Southern IT for my Cyber Essentials certification?
Southern IT is a certified Cyber Essentials Certification body with extensive experience. We offer expert guidance, a streamlined process and ongoing support to ensure your success. 
What happens after I get Cyber Essentials certified?
Cybersecurity is an ongoing process. Southern IT offers ongoing support to maintain your secure environment and ensure protection against cyber threats.