Office 365

You need technology that helps your employees grow and drive your business forward. Whether at their desk, working from home or anywhere in between, with our IT Support packages we include Office 365 Business Premium as standard, so your business can operate wherever and whenever you need it to.

Cloud, Data Centres or Migrations – don’t worry about a thing, we make it all painless and you don’t need to understand anything techie, we just enable your business to work with modern and relevant cloud applications that you’re familiar with, and a whole host of other useful tools in Office 365 that you most probably don’t even know are there!


What about the vast selection of new cloud apps to super charge your business - how many of these have you heard of or used?

1. Delve
2. Flow
3. Forms
4. OneDrive
5. Planner

6. StaffHub
7. Sway
8. Teams
9. To-Do
10. Whiteboard


Maybe one or two? Don’t worry you’re not alone and that’s where we come in, to help your business make the most of technology and improve productivity.

What makes us so good? We’ve been using Office 365 since it was launched in 2010 and we know our stuff by using these tools in our own business, just like we can show you how to.

We literally wrote the book on Office 365! Ian’s publication is out there to help our fellow IT Professionals, but that’s far too geeky for what you need!

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